Feedback for the beautiful Brittany Molloy. Where to start?! When I first reached out to Brittany, I was feeling terrible – hopeless, depressed, bloated, fatigued – and I had no idea how to get myself out of this funk that I was feeling trapped by. Then one day, I saw Brittany’s post that she was starting her work as a Holistic Health Coach. I have known Brittany almost my whole life, so I already knew that she is one of the most kind and caring people out there! I thought I didn’t have much to lose and I wrote her a quick note. Boy am I glad I did! Going through this program has truly changed my life. Brittany is so thoughtful in her approach to helping you achieve your health goals. She provides accountability, emotional support, understanding and encouragement; as well as tangible support such as guides, tools, recipes, book suggestions, activities, etc. While she cannot solve your “problems” (only you can do that!), she provides a beautiful platform in which you do not need to journey alone. Since working with Brittany, I feel better inside and out! I have a new routine, better eating and exercise habits and, most importantly, I’ve learned how to prioritize my needs, how to listen to my body and how to decompress from the stressors of everyday life in order to be my best self. Thank you Brittany for this transformative journey!


Through Brittany listening, questioning and insights, she has helped me develop a healthy routine. I have been utilizing a lot of the things I have learned from her and now in a much healthier place. She has really added value to my life. I couldn’t have found a more valuable coach. Thank you for your time, knowledge, insights and inspiration.


If it had not been for Brittany's expert guidance, I do not believe I would be in the optimal level of health I am in today, let alone even have the focus to write this testimonial. Towards the end of 2017, I had decided to pursue a lifelong goal and make a major career change from the IT office life to helping improve the lives of others through fitness. I hit the ground running with loads of energy, enthusiasm, and excellent health, and my potential felt limitless. Within a few short months, I started to develop severe digestive issues, which produced a long laundry list of debilitating symptoms: brain fog, pseudo-dementia, dermatitis, extreme fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, shortness of breath, swelling - you name it, I had it. This took a MAJOR toll on all aspects of my life, my new fitness career and ability to work in the Entertainment industry as a model and actor (a second source of income) just as I was gaining serious traction. 

I sought out help through my insured doctors to no avail, so I teamed up with Brittany on a 6-month program. We talked about my health goals and had many ideas on how to structure our program, but the most significant goal was figuring out my newfound gut disorder because it affected my entire state of living. She had me start a "Food Elimination Diet" and sure enough, I discovered I was intolerant to gluten, dairy, soy, sesame seeds, pecans, and beyond! She helped me to gain independence and control in the kitchen by changing my relationship to the idea of cooking and not having any boxed or restaurant food (I was a major foodie before this all happened). I transformed from "I have to cook for myself," to "I get to cook for myself" within 6 months, and now cooking is as natural as brushing my teeth in the morning. We also talked about how to delicately eliminate certain stressors in my life because we both started to believe that the underlying cause was actually conditional based on my past traumatic experiences - the gut is the body's second brain!

It took me a long time, but I finally did cut ties with those major stressors in my life and guess who is starting to heal!? Yours truly. I am the happiest and most energized I have felt in months. I transformed from feeling like a slug to a dancing jitterbug! Even when I do not sleep enough, I wake up with a smile on my face knowing everything is getting better AND within my control. My gut is still healing and may take a while, but I know how to control it now and I feel so lucky to have had Brittany by my side supporting and educating me through each step. Brittany is such a brilliant woman! She is endlessly nurturing with a radiating energy so warm you feel like she is hugging you when she talks. She is extremely patient, creative, empathetic, resourceful and one of the most caring people you will ever be blessed to meet in your life. I am beyond grateful for all she has done for my quality of life, for the positive ripple effect my transformation has on the lives I touch, deeply to the point where I end this testimonial with tears of gratitude in my eyes.


My personal experience with Brittany as my coach was the most beneficial gift I could have given myself. I have a whole new insight into nurturing mind and body together to create my own personal happiness.


Brittany is amazing! I love her holistic take on living a healthy and vibrant life: she helped me better see how my mindset, daily choices, relationships, and long-held beliefs were affecting my health. Such a breakthrough! She's not only good at what she does, she's incredible caring and compassionate, which makes all the difference when you're trying to heal and grow into a better person. She offers accountability without being pushy and guidance where it matters most. Brittany is just one of those people who you can trust and feel an instant connection with. I've recommended her as a health counselor to so many people! And I'll keep on doing it.


Brittany, first off let me say, thank you! You have opened my eyes to new and wonderful opportunities in my wellness journey that go so far beyond the dreaded scale. I have learned so much in our short time working together from smarter food choices, tips and tricks so I am not cutting out my favorite naughty treats but instead, improving them to meet my healthy needs. I have learned as a full time working mother of 2 beautiful kids that it is so important for my goals to take time for myself. By waking up simply 10 minutes earlier (before the crew) I am able to mentally prepare myself for the day ahead and have a few quiet minutes of peace to simply drink my coffee before the hustle of the day begins. Before working with you, I would wake up with them and wouldn’t get a free minute to myself until nap time that day.  I have begun yoga as well as journaling to express my gratitude for the day. It is such an amazing part of my life now that I look forward to completing on a daily basis. I could never have envisioned my life looking like this in such a short amount of time!  That being said, I’m going on 30lbs lost, and filled with a grateful heart! I feel like my life has a fuller purpose beyond my mommy and wife label (which I love, don’t get me wrong!)